About Belsky's Art

Tomas Belsky has been dedicated to the creation of his art for over 60 years. An expert silkscreen and print maker, Belsky produces all his prints by hand in small batches, and due to the nature of his craft no two pieces can be exactly alike.


Pinky Printed Block/Screen Prints

Belsky's block/screen prints are hand silk screened in limited editions, signed and pinky-printed by the artist. They are enlargements of the original blocks - wood, linoleum or pvc sheets that are then adapted for the screen. All prints are on 60 lb. - 80 lb. brown artist's kraft paper with off-black earth-friendly ink. Special editions on white, off-white and tan paper are possible upon request.


Aloha ʻĀina Print Collection

Made as the block/screen prints are above, although the subject matter has been influenced by his life in Hawaiʻi thus they are essentially related to the Spirit of Aloha 'Aina -- Love of the Land. "This is the philosophy of Polynesia, that it would do America much good to follow. We Have much to be thankful for in Hawaii, and through my work I try to spread the appreciation for Nature and God's blessings."


Wearable Art Collection: Hand Printed & Hand Colored Shirts 

Many of Belsky's designs are now available on shirts. All shirt printing is done by hand using custom earth-friendly inks. All of his colorful designs, are hand painted by the artist himself. Printed on 100% cotton or cotton blend Ts (unless stated otherwise), these wearable works of art are available in adult unisex and ladies sizes: S, M, L, XL and 2X.


Some thoughts On Painting... by Tomas Belsky

Having four score years behind me now, I come to realize that I’ve been making pictures for over sixty years as an adult and the other twenty as a youngster. One thing for certain, I did it my way. Mama told me I was putting shit on the wall while trapped in the “crib” contraption.

So whoose your favorite Painter, Belsky? Common enough refrain, and I consider… The one that covers most of what I Love about Life is a very famous un-named master -- the author of the Cave Wall paintings of Spain and Elsewhere. Here is where HuMankind makes entrance into the Universe of Awareness. It is through the Arts that one gives his ALL to the Enigma of Life.      

For painting is philosophy, religion, therapy and most importantly Painting is adventure Journeys into uncharted terrains, rugged domains with potted paths. Deep into the dimensions of the mind, penetrating the Soul and the Intellect. That’s what painting is to me, I hope it matches the wallpaper.