Flower stills and flower inspired works by Tomas Belsky

African Tulips

oil on canvas

no longer available


oil painting called "African Tulips"

Fire Lilly "Cana"

oil on canvas
10" x 8"

giclee available, original in personal collection


oil on canvas called "Fire Lilly"

Flowers in the Round

oil on canvas

 no longer available


oil painting called "Flowers in the Round"

Lemons and Rose / Artist's Still Life

oil on canvas
13" x 15"

 no longer available


Lobster Claw


Multi-color screen print, limited edition
16" x 12"

Original out of stock.                    Print reproduction available for $200



Night Cana

oil on canvas

18"x 22"

giclee available, original in personal collection

oil painting called "Night Lilly"

Ode to Vincent

oil on canvas
12" x 14"

no longer available 

oil on canvas called "Ode to Vincent"


oil on canvas
12" x 15"

no longer available


oil on canvas called "Orchids"


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