Six Musicians: Kaʻu Makahiki small print (color)

Six Musicians: Kaʻu Makahiki small print (color)

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Original drawing made in 1982

Measurements: 8" x 14"

Paper: White 100 lb.

The Six Musicians is part of the Aloha ʻĀina Collection by Tomas Belsky. This piece was inspired while the artist attended the Kaʻu Makahiki at Punaluʻu Beach Park with his family in 1982. This particular print is a laser copy of a hand watercolored drawing called the Six Musicians.

The subject matter of this collection is essentially related to the spirit of Aloha 'Āina -- Love of the Land. This is the philosophy of Polynesia, that it would do America much good to follow. "We Have much to be thankful for in Hawaii, and through my work I try to spread the appreciation for Nature and God's blessings."